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Syndik8 Records' Prolific music producer and artist Ikon releases his brand new single "SOLOMON". "SOLOMON" is the second single off His much anticipated debut album "Hungry To Live" which is set to be released later this year. Ikon tells a tale based on true events, a story of personal loss, fellowship and the glorious triumph over tribulation with the realisation that positivity exists in all circumstances, no matter how



Shotgun | George Ezra

Acoustic Cover


Copyright disclaimer! i do NOT own this song. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. For promotional and entertainment purpose only. - RASTAHINE

SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) (Bad lip Reading)

Oh... i don't why the heck it was credit by me XD . But all credit go for Bad Lip Reading. Stupid Auto Description prior of a different song XD. Follow me if want more Crazy wacko Music. Wanna sing this song? go Ahead! SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)" [Yoda:] Rockin' Rockin' and rollin' Down to the beach I'm strolling But the seagulls poke at my head Not fun! I said "Seagulls... mmgh! Stop it now!" [*Yoda banging*] Everyone told m

Old Me (prod. krissi)

Listen on YouTube SPOTIFY: Follow Twitter: Follow Instagram: Subscribe on YouTube: Produced by Krissio Engineered by Jody.

The Ride Home

First single off the 'Ride Home' EP..COMING SOON Produced by Farhot & Felix Joseph. Mixed by Felix Joseph Artwork by Felix Joseph


Ask your self for knowledge and search! Much love Towely.


Date Of Birth Produced by Neil Garrard Mixed by John Frye LIKE on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on ig:


Solomon is a song about a neighbor who has no backbone. it is a Zulu chant about a guy who smiles in my face but talks about me behind my back it is also from "issues with the night". it was recorded round 23:00pm in my back yard


Prod. @kirankai


Artwork By Jeff Feltham Mixed & Mastered by @PHANTUMBEATS Produced by Taz Taylor INSTAGRAM @JORDSOLO TWITTER @JORDSOLOMON


Download Aepostate: Produced by Saevant Crystal ball reading like a psychic Im a fuckin psycho these rappers just some sidekicks Im a fuckin iphone these rappers just some sidekicks Im like fuck the hype so mf stop the hype shit Fuck materials and fuck the money i'll deny it Access denied hacker boy pry up my eyelids I just say some words that will curse you into silence I j


Sammi, Lisa and Julia Loose Women type rant


Tommy Muldowney-Lead Vox/Guitar Cesar Escamilla-Lead Guitar Alex Rigsbee-Keyboard/Synthesizer/Omnichord Andy Laszlo-Bass Guitar Ben Archer-Drums *-----------------------------* Recorded July -November 2016 Bloomington, Indiana @ VonWeez studio Mixed and "Mastered" by Tommy Muldowney & Cesar Escamilla


Written by, recorded and performed by Deathkings Recorded during the “All That Is Beautiful” sessions with Derek Donley at Ox Cave Studios Recorded, mixed and mastered by Derek Donley at Ox Cave Studios Cover and back illustrations by Ricardo Sanchez. Layout and label illustrations by Midnite Collective. Released by Totenhaus Recordings/Midnite Collective


Строен и красив сложен, Ряд колон, как на параде. Озабочен Соломон, Все ли правильно при нем, Все ль в укладе. Что еще сумел бы он, На земле, царь Соломон? Для Небесного Отца Нет достойного дворца! Он, конечно же, силен, В основанье бу


They compare me to...


Week 22 of The Bible Initiative series. Speaker: Bob Vogelaar Scripture: 1 Kings 1-11 For more information about Liberty Christian Fellowship, go to: For more information about the Bible Initiative, or to access the digital version, go to: Download the slides for this message: (If using on mo


Ejercicio musical


PE Goals


I, however, have made no very great discoveries, yet I have explored more of the Great South Sea, than all that have gone before me." —Captain James Cook, March 1774 (somewhere off the coast of Easter Island)