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01- Prelude (You're Nobody)

New album/mixtape from the Cleveland collective Arsonist Clique

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - KZ TANDINGAN version Instrumental (played by Kissey Gee)

Here's the song's chords for those who asked for it! :) credits to Jumar O. and Edward B. from the Easy Boys for this one.. seriously, they're the masters of playing guitars.. ;) Chorus: G ---| Bm -- B7| CM7 --- | G --- CM7 ---| Bm --Bbm7|Am7 - C/D -| G--- Stanza: G ---|Am ---|Bm ---|Am --- G ---|Am ---|Bm ---|Am - D7 - Transition to chorus: |----|----|D-C9-|C9/B-C9/A- Back to chorus and play it twice